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Website Design Trends Spring 2020

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Similar to all other areas of technology, everything changes so fast. One month animations might be trendy but the next month, something that Google will mark you down for. With so much information out there, keeping on top of these changes can be a real pain. That’s why BC Website Design created this Website Design Trend series keeping you up-to-date every quarter.

Excited? So are we! Let’s start:

1 – Clearness

Don’t overload your page with text. Use stunning design, images and videos to engage your audience. Of course you can use text. It would be stupid to not use writing on your website, just don’t use too much. You may think that varied layout and white space would make your site look confused but look what we did for Flora & Wick Candles: https://www.floraandwickcandles.co.uk/

How do I know what would work best for our website?

Simple Answer: You don’t really. Try out what it looks like on your site or contact us to get some design assistance.

2 – Simple Navigation

Have a look around some websites. Most of them have really clear and easy-to-use navigation. Helping users get around your site not only helps them to find the information they want, it may also lead to them using your business. If a user can find what they need easily, then the chances are that they will stay on your site longer. This could help boost your rankings on Google.

So how do I ensure that navigation is easy?

  • Have under 10 menu headers. The use of header sub-items can help categorise your site.

  • Make sure you add links on pages – Don’t just have the menu as the only way to get around your site.

  • Make sure you can get pretty much everywhere in just 3 clicks.

3 – Animations

Animations have always been popular. As we said back in August 2019,

“Small animations are great to attract visitors’ attention as they draw visitors to certain features on your website.”

However, don’t go over the top with animations. Make sure animations are consistent across the website and that they suggest to the user what you would like them to do on your website. Having said that, be very careful:

“animating the wrong text or buttons could lead to visitors going to pages unnecessarily and becoming confused.”

4 – Security & Privacy

It is proven that users are less likely to use a site if they are unsure about security and privacy practices. Security is not just for companies with massive budgets: There is definitely a few things you can do to secure your site without spending a fortune:

  • Get a SSL Certificate. Most hosting providers offer this for free. If you have one, you will see a padlock symbol next to the address bar in your browser.

  • Make sure you have a Privacy Policy telling users what you actually do with their information.

  • Make sure your other systems and 3rd party software you may use is secure.

If you have a bigger budget to spend, you may want to consider McAfee SECURE/ TrustedSite or another security certification / security service for your website.

5 – Speed

Speed seems an obvious thing to optimise your site for. However, BC Website Design has noticed during the COVID-19 pandemic, this has become even more important. With many people working at home across the nation, in certain areas internet speed has been significantly slower because of increased traffic. Users expect your site to be lightning fast which is where the problem occurs. The user’s internet connection may be the slow part rather than your website but they don’t realise this. That’s why it is now more important than ever to have your site running fast and to keep optimising it even if you don’t notice the difference.


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