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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

We are updating the BC Website Design Blog! The new blog will be updated twice a month and has our best ever blog design yet!

We have worked incredibly hard over the last few months, planning and writing great content so you get all the website ideas and trends you need to know about. Despite the name, we’re not just about websites so neither will our blog be. We’ll keep you updated about other technologies that can help improve your business or just cool advancements you might be curious to know about. Whether you like staying up to date or don’t have a clue what people are on about, we have carefully crafted our content to ensure that whatever type of person you are, you will still find information relevant to you and written in a way that you will understand.

Just so you know what you can expect from our fabulous posts, we have kindly included a sneak-peak of our blog schedule below.

Due to be released soon:

Coronavirus: Time to set up your website? (released May 2020)

This quarter’s platform updates – Spring 2020 (released June 2020)

+Many, Many more blog posts about website trends, new technologies and online business tools!

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The BC Website Design Blog & Social Media Team