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Make sure your website is super fast

Updated: May 29, 2020

Website Speeds are faster than they have ever been – but is your website fast enough?

Website visitors hate slow website loading times. Your website being a second too slow could mean you lose your next customer and potentially rank you lower on search engines.

74% of website visitors leave a website if it doesn't load on their phones in under 5 seconds and that 44% of customers share negative loading experiences with their friends.

(Source: HostingTribunal) .

Most internet users expect website loading speeds to be almost instant and will go elsewhere unless your website is fast. As I explained in an earlier article about Google Analytics, having a slow website loading speed means you have a high bounce rate (a percentage that tells you whether users stay on your website or go elsewhere after typing in your website address). As Search Engines are likely to take in to account your bounce rate when considering where your website is placed in search results, having slow loading speeds could lower where your website is shown.

Here at BC Website Design, we regularly test the speed of both your mobile website and your desktop website (the main version of your website which users using computers see) to make sure it is above average for the market you operate in so you don’t lose customers visiting your website to competitors.

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