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How to create a brilliant website

So, you know you need a website to engage with more customers. How do you get started? Finding out can be painful and time-consuming. This guide is designed to help you create the perfect website for your business. Whilst this guide is written in accordance with the BC Website Design process, this post will be useful regardless of how you build your website.

Do I need a website designer?

It is really helpful to have a website designer to assist you in designing the website. A website developer may also be required to manage the technical aspects of the project such as hosting. With BC Website Design, you get the best of both with us helping you design and set-up your website, all for a fraction of the price of hiring other website designers. Feel free to contact us to receive a free quote and design guide that contains ideas.

You may wish to opt for a DIY option but these are generally more expensive and may not produce quality results. It is possible that you could opt for a cheaper plan with BC Website Design and end up paying less than you would if you do-it-yourself!

How do I pick a plan/host?

First, what is the difference between plan and platform?

The platform/host is the company that you pay to place your website on their servers. The plan is the package that the host offers you for a certain fee.

Choosing the right platform is key to a good website and could impact your website in the future. Despite this, choosing the right plan can be incredibly confusing. Think about your budget and what functionality you would like your website to have. After you understand these, you can look at options and shortlist the most suitable for you.

If you would like us to design your website, you can contact us and we will advise you on which plan is the most suitable before we start designing your website.

Do I have the right information to get started?

Before you design your site, make sure that you have up-to-date information/content that you can use on your website. To make it easier for you, we have put together a checklist of content that you may want to get together:

  • Your Logo – Logos should be high quality to avoid them looking ‘pixelated’ and unclear.

  • Images – Lots of high-resolution (another term for high quality) photos can engage visitors and show them what your product/service looks like.

  • Some text – You’ll need to write a bit about your business on your website. Make sure that content is up-to-date, relevant and doesn’t contain spelling errors.

  • Contact Details – Provide multiple methods to let customers easily contact your company.

What should be on my website?

After you have gathered some content, think about what pages you would like on your website and how you would like them to be structured. Common website pages include: Home, About, Work / portfolio, Services / products and Contact.

A great way of getting inspiration is to have a look at competitor websites and see what they include on their website. If you see anything you like, make a note of it and work out how to include it on your site.

What should I do now?

If you would like BC Website Design to create your website, contact us by clicking here.

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