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Coronavirus: Time to set up your website?

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

During these unusual times, securing those potential deals could mean a lot to you and your business. A website is the foundation for your digital presence and acts as the hub for new customers to discover more about you and your services.

Why should I consider a website?

In this new digital age, promoting your business online is essential. Potential customers expect to be able to find out about your business through search engines such as Google, Social Media and most importantly, your website.

How much will this cost?

Website Design shouldn’t be a subject to avoid. You may have been quoted thousands for just a simple site. This means that you might be avoiding launching online. We strive to prove that website design doesn’t have to be a bottomless money pit. During the Coronavirus pandemic, your business might not have as much income or having to find new ways to reach new or existing clients. BC Website Design offers cheap website design from £65 so you can launch digitally without using up all your budget.*

What can we do?

Here at BC Website Design we can design practically anything you think of and if you don’t know where to start when thinking about your website, we can help you or we can design it completely for you. We can even set-up shops and advise you on CRM software, social media and email marketing. Not sure if we can meet your requirements? Contact us and prepare to be proved wrong!

Want to get started? Contact us to get your quote and design guide for free.

*Please note that hosting and domain charges apply.