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Google Analytics: Spotting your website trends this year

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Google Analytics allows you to get detailed reports on how your visitors use your website. There are many features that can be used to get important data on how your visitors interact with your website. In this article I will explain a few features that are vital to spotting your website trends and how we can set up google analytics for you.

Users & Views

Per hour, day, week, month and year you can view the total number of visitors your site gets. You can view users for your whole site or individual pages such as a blog which can guide you towards an exact number of how many views your blog (or any other feature) gets. Google Analytics also tells you what percentage of those views comes from new visitors that have never visited your website before.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate appears as a percentage and tells you how long your visitors stay on each page. If the bounce rate is a high percentage, it means visitors are leaving your website soon after going on to this. If this happens, it gives you a good indicator to whether you should consider re-designing your website.

How we can help

BC Website Design can help you if you need a website or even if you have a website and need Google Analytics set up. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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