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The importance of a Good Domain

Domains are extremely important. Having the right Domain can affect many factors of your website even including where your website may be placed on Google Searches!

Your domain is the first thing search engines look at when they come across your website. If Search Engines think that you have a bad domain, you probably will be marked down on their Search Results and as the saying says “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Choosing the right domain

Most businesses use their business name in their URL. This is a good thing as it reinforces your brand for both customers and search engines. Plus, many customers will type the name of your business into Google if they are looking for you online. Having a URL that matches your brand name will help them find your website right away.

Having keywords (a list of words used across your website that are related to your website – BC Website Design automatically chooses keywords for your website to ensure the best possible Search Engine Optimisation but if you would like to check or change your keywords, feel free to contact us) in your domain can help you rank well but if you misuse your keywords in domains, Google won’t like it. For example, www.cheapapartmentsforrent.com isn’t a good domain.

Another thing to watch out for is using the correct Domain ‘Ending’. Try to use .com, .co.uk, .org, .org.uk or other TLDs (Top Level Domains) where possible. Don’t use uncommon domains such as .name or .info. Also, avoid hyphens (-) in your domain.

Remember that as well as being a good domain for search engines to read, it needs to be memorable for your customers as they will be the main target for your website. For example www.bcwebsitedesign.co.uk is more memorable than www.bcwebsitedesigndesign-stunningwebsitesforlowbudgets.co.uk

Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of everything on this page because although many SEO Experts believe that the above factors affect Search Engine Ranking, Search Engines do not publish information such as this to confirm beliefs. Please also note that we may also use ‘Google’ to refer to Search Engines; what we say about factors affecting a website’s Google Ranking is very likely to apply to other Search Engines.

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