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3 Useful Audio Devices

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

1. Amazon Basics 5-way headphone splitters

These are really useful if more than 1 person is trying to listen to the same song on the same device.

2. FOSPOWER Stereo Audio Headphone Jack Adapter

What is really annoying is if you only have mini-jack headphones (new headphones) and you are trying to listen to something which uses jack sockets. The FOSPOWER converters allow you to listen to jack music with mini jack headphones which is really handy.

3. TechRise 1.5 Meters Nylon Braided Premium Auxiliary Aux Audio Cable Cord for Headphones, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Home / Car Stereos and More

Ever got a speaker without the cable to plug it in to a device? I recommend to keep a few of these to hand. These are great for radios when you are trying to connect your music source to your broadcasting device


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