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My top recommended pieces of tech (part 2)

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Keeping on top of Technology has become very hard in recent years due to the amount of technology that tech giants like apple, google and Microsoft are releasing. This guide will talk about the tech you should know about (or have). I personally recommend that you purchase the items on the list below as they have such fantastic benefits.

3. Samsung Q9FN QLED TV

This year (2018), Samsung released the Q9FN QLED TV which is a 65 inch TV. It has amazing HDR picture quality and a sophisticated surround sound which doesn't require any extra external speakers.

4. Playstation 4 Pro

Sony have re-designed the PS4 and made it even better. It is amazing for 4K TVs as you can play your favourite games in HDR on any 4K TV. It has 1 terabyte of storage (which is a lot!). The maximum number of controllers is 4 which is the same as the PS4. When comparing the Xbox One S and the PS4 Pro, I think the PS4 Pro comes just slightly better than the Xbox One S. However the Xbox can get some better games such as Forza Horizon 3 are Xbox only.


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