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My top recommended pieces of tech (part 1)

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Keeping on top of Technology has become very hard in recent years due to the amount of technology that tech giants like apple, google and Microsoft are releasing. This guide will talk about the tech you should know about (or have). I personally recommend that you purchase the items on the list below as they have such fantastic benefits.

1. Linksys Velop Whole Home WI-FI

Wi-Fi networks in some places are terrible. Old houses and remote locations are especially bad. This is changeable by installing the Linksys Velop Home Wi-Fi system. Set-up is quick and easy and the modules are neat and tidy. When you set up your 3+ node network, I advise that you disable your standard network. Below I only give advice for BT users as that is the one I am familiar with.

To disable your standard network go to bthomehub.home and then go to Wi-Fi settings. Then disable your 2.4Ghz network and your 5Ghz network.

To set-up your Linksys wi-fi, download the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi app on your device (has to be apple or android phone, iPad / tablet for set-up). Then follow the instructions to place the 3 nodes around your home. Plug an Ethernet cable from the main node into the BT home hub. You now have a stronger network infrastructure! Log-in to it by going to network setting on your device > [network name] and then type in the password you set

2. Samsung Galaxy S9 +

Samsung's phones just keep getting better! This phone is definately the best (in my opinion). This techy smartphone has a big display and some outstanding features.

Rear Camera

The rear camera has got lenses that adjust 'like your eye' to the light. This is an ingenious idea from Samsung to hugley increase the quality of the photos you can take from the smartphone.


The internal storage can take up to 50.3GB! That's like typing 5,400,921,374,720 letters in a text document. It can also store up to an extra 2,160,368,549,888 letters (400GB).


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