Flora & Wick Website

Flora & Wick Candles

Flora & Wick Candles is a small candle making business in the UK. In May 2019, I finished designing the Flora & Wick Candles Website - a stunning design with a shop.

The Pop Show Website

Radio Shows: The Pop Show & The B&B Show

The Pop Show and The B&B Show bring together great Pop Songs and hits from the UK Official Charts for fantastic hour-long s shows. I was asked to design their joint website in January 2021.

The Pop Show Logo

Handmade by Carolyn

Handmade by Carolyn is a small business based in Chippenham that provides cushions, blinds and curtains. I designed their website in early 2019 and it has a simple but elegant design.

Handmade by Carolyn Logo

Hardenhuish Stem Club

As an active member of the Hardnehuish STEM Club, I was asked to design a website to promote STEM to a wider audience both within and outside Hardenhuish school. The website was recently updated at the start of 2019 and it has a stunning new look displaying all of our projects.

stem drone.JPG

Hardenhuish Stem Club Drone

The STEM Club Drone has been an exciting new project that we are currently working on.This stunning website showcases the project.

stem drone.JPG

Kington Langley Village Website For Younger Ages

I was commissioned by the Kington Langley Parish Council to create and design a website for younger people in the village. The website was launched in Autumn 2018. In 2020, this site merged with the Kington Langley & Draycot Cerne Village Magazine Website, which I designed.

new logo 08.09_edited.jpg


Kate, a qualified nurse, has recently retrained with the very prestigious SMAE Foot Health college to launch her company Footworks. I designed her initial website in 2019.

new logo 08.09_edited.jpg
Initial Design Only
The Arthur Ransome Society Website

The Arthur Ransome Society

The Arthur Ransome Society is an organisation that operates nationally and internationally. They celebrate all things Ransome. I was approached in early 2020 to re-design their website.

The Arthur Ransome Society Logo

KL Community

I volunteered in March 2020 to design a KL Community Website in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The community website aimed to support Kington Langley Parishioners through the Coronavirus pandemic and be a point of contact for general information, services and help.

Kington Langley Community Website
KL Village Magazine.JPG

Kington Langley Village Magazine

I was commissioned by the Kington Langley Village Magazine Committee to create and design a website for the village magazine. The website was launched in March 2020.

KL Village Magazine.JPG

Greenhill Green

Greenhill Green is a local PR company that provides strategic marketing & communications. I was asked to design their website which was launched in September 2020.

Greenhill Green Logo
mjc website.PNG

MJC Website

MJC Website was set up in 2016 and is a great example of a website that gets updated regularly. It has a stunning and unique design as well as seasonal designs such as the recent 'second anniversary of MJC Website'. I also designed a website for MJC Radio, a local radio-station which was set up by me for my tutor group at secondary school. 

Private Website


The chairman of KLWAS, a local society in Wiltshire, commissioned me to design a stunning website for their members. Due to security reasons, I cannot provide a link to the website here. However a testimonial from the society would be available on request.

Private Website
Screenshot 2021-07-08 144602.png

Tree Frog Grading

Tree Frog Grading is a UK-based Pokemon Card Grading company that provides grading services both in the UK and internationally. Their founder asked me to design and develop their website. Designed in June 2021, their site also includes a custom coded checkout and a bespoke inventory system.


Kington Langley Village Hall

Since the design of the website in 2012, little has been changed or updated. Recently, the Village Hall Management Committee have asked me to redesign their website for a more modern and fresher look. The new website was launched in February 2021.

Kington Langley Village Hall Logo

Get Mark

Since the initial design, little had changed. I was asked to re-design the website, taking into account the existing branding. The website was relaunched in late 2020.

Get Mark Logo

Listen Now Pop Radio

Listen Now Pop Radio is a small radio-station based in the UK. It plays UK hits and pop music 24/7. As well as running Listen Now Pop Radio, I designed and manage the Listen Now Pop Radio website.

Listen Now Pop Radio Logo

Lime Tree Vineyard

Lime Tree Vineyard is a small but picturesque vineyard in Wiltshire. Established in 2017, it has some top quality vines and wine in the making. BC Website Design designed their website in 2018 and re-branded their site in late 2019.


Dawn Marchant Maths Tutor Chippenham

I was approached by Dawn in late 2020 to advise on the redesign of her website which had not been updated for a number of years. Dawn’s website showcases a custom built search & testimonials feature provided by BC Website Design as standard alternatives did not provide the required functionality.

Dawn Marchant Maths Tutor Chippenham Logo